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@article{(International Science Index):,
  title    = {Small Wind Turbine Hybrid System for Remote Application: Egyptian Case Study},
  author    = {M. A. Badr and  A. N. Mohib and  M. M. Ibrahim},
  country   = {Egypt},
  institution={National Research Centre},
  abstract  = {The objective of this research is to study the technical
and economic performance of wind/diesel/battery (W/D/B) system
supplying a remote small gathering of six families using HOMER
software package. The electrical energy is to cater for the basic needs
for which the daily load pattern is estimated. Net Present Cost (NPC)
and Cost of Energy (COE) are used as economic criteria, while the  measure of performance is % of power shortage. Technical and
economic parameters are defined to estimate the feasibility of the
system under study. Optimum system configurations are estimated for two sites. Using HOMER software, the simulation results showed that W/D/B systems are economical for the assumed community sites
as the price of generated electricity is about 0.308 $/kWh, without
taking external benefits into considerations. W/D/B systems are more
economical than W/B or diesel alone systems, as the COE is 0.86 $/kWh for W/B and 0.357 $/kWh for diesel alone.
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