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Determination of Some Biochemical Parameters in Women during the First Trimester of Pregnancy (Normal Pregnancy and Missed Miscarriage)
Our study was designed to determine the metabolic  changes of some biochemical parameters (cholesterol, triglyceride,  Iron, uric acid, Urea and folic acid) and highlight their changes in 57  women of the region Batna, during the first trimester of pregnancy.  This practical work was done with 27 women with missed  miscarriage, compared with 30 control subjects of normal pregnant  women. The assay results revealed a highly significant difference (P  = 0.0006) between the two groups in serum iron (64.00 vs 93.54) and  in the rate of folate (6.70 vs 9.22) (P <0.001) but no difference was  found regarding the rate of Ca (9.69 vs 10.20), urea (0.19 vs 0.17),  UA (33.96 vs 32.76), CH (1.283 vs 1.431), and TG (0.8852 vs  0.8290). The present study indicates that iron deficiency and folate  are associated with missed miscarriage, but no direct  pathophysiological link has been determined. Further in-depth studies  are needed to determine the exact mechanism by which these deficits  lead to a missed miscarriage.
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