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Impact of Obesity on Fertility in a Population of Women in the Wilaya of Batna
Our study was designed to highlight changes in  certain biochemical parameters (CH, TG, HDL, GOT, GPT, LDL and  CRP), obese women infertile fertile witnesses and research potential  pathophysiological link between obesity and infertility in this  population of women. This practical work was focused on a  population of 24 obese women infertile, compared to controls,  subjects without any pathology causing disruption of parameters to  be studied to determine the contribution of obesity in the etiology of  infertility. The assay results revealed a highly significant difference  between the two groups in serum CH, TG, HDL, TGO and TGP (P  <0.0001) and in the rate of LDL (p = 0.0017) and CRP (p = 0.02).  The present study indicates that obesity is associated with infertility,  but no direct pathophysiological link between obesity and infertility  has been determined. Further in-depth studies are needed to  determine the exact mechanism by which overweight leads to female  infertility.  
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