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The Eroticism in Ancient Egypt According to Unpublished Erotic Figurine
Introduction: Sex was an important element in the beliefs of the ancient world, an erotic imagery that played a significant role in the Egyptian traditions since ancient times. The Egyptians associated sex with various life aspects and it was mobilized particularly in religion and magic. These traditions and beliefs continued and developed until the Egyptian Late and Greco-Roman periods. The best of the authors’ knowledge of these sources will examine the various objects and stylistic patterns and fully explore the functional and cultural aspects of erotic figurines in Egypt whether of Egyptian, Greek, or Greco-Egyptian style. The study will shed light also on the social, cultural and religious connotations of various forms and aspects of sexuality, such as homosexual acts or others kinds of non-standard sexual relationships. Methodology: The proposed study will focus on establishing a typology, iconography, and classification for each type of these erotic groups in order to define the chronological, technical, material and artistic aspects of them. The study will employ a descriptive and comparative approach on a brought basis of copies and close parallels, also by studying many unpublished objects, in order to define the development and significance of these figurines. The study aims to interpret the archaeological context of the erotic figurines and to define the purpose of them. It is aimed to research on recent excavation mission publications to investigate the main purposes and the functional concept of these figurines in association with the archaeological context. The research will analyze the erotic figurines by comparative methods and the erotic scenes on other material including painted reliefs of tombs, figural ostraca, pottery vases in Egypt or in Greece and Rome. Conclusion: The proposed study expects some outcomes as following: Elucidating the purposes of the erotic figurines which could be religious, funerary or usage in daily life. Interpretation of the functional role of structures in which these figurines were found. Insights into the social structure if Greco-Roman Egypt by investigation of the figurines 'audience' or milieu and its concepts of sexuality: Egyptian, Greeks, and other foreigners who live side by side in Egypt from the beginning of the Greek period till Roman times. Identifying the main production centers. The ways of cultural exchange (e.g. imports from Greece). this kind of study will open a new destination in order to know how to identify these collections and how to exhibit them commensurate with the natural of the ancient Egyptian history and heritage.