Open Science Research Excellence

Sydney, Australia
January 29 - 30, 2018

Conference Venue

Rydges Sydney Central
28 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

Presentation Program
Conference Program
Scholarly Integrity Remarks:

1)Authors must be ready in the meeting room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Presenters must introduce themselves to the session chair(s) and upload their Oral and ePoster presentations to the computer.

2)Authors must be able to present on any day of the conference – the program cannot be tailored around specific requests from individual authors to present on particular days.

3)The international research conference program is designed for original research contributions and presentations in all research fields. Presentations scheduled in the Oral and ePoster sessions are drawn from a selection of the peer reviewed papers from a wide range of scientific and other disciplines of inquiry.

Rydges Sydney Central
28 Albion Street
Surry Hills, NSW,
2010 Sydney,

January 29-30, 2018 from 07:30 to 13:00

January 29, 2018
Session I: 07:45-09:35

Group photo will be taken during coffee break in the conference room.
You can share the photos you have taken at

Chair: Reiko Yamamoto, Magda Nikolaraizi

Ying-Ling Chen
Oriental Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Hooriya Sadr Dadras, Shiva Seyed Erfani
Islamic Azad University, Roudehen Branch, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Kyung-Im Han
Keimyung University, Korea, Republic Of
Vassilis Argyropoulos, Magda Nikolaraizi, Maria Papazafiri
University of Thessaly, Greece
Priestly Malambo, Sonja Van Putten, Hanlie Botha, Gerrit Stols
University of Pretoria, South Africa

January 29, 2018
Session II: 09:35-11:10
Coffee Break: 11:10-11:20

Chair: Niti Sinha, Mualla Mcmanus

Wuqi Yang, Sufeng Li, Linda Zhai, Zhizhong Yuan, Shengli Wang
HeBei GEO University, China
Zhizhong Yuan, Lili Wang, Chenya Zheng, Wuqi Yang
Hebei GEO University, China
N. E. F. Jaddil, S. Silang, J. H. Chong
Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Malaysia
Jaeyoung Lee, Minji Je
Pusan National University, Korea, Republic Of
Niti Sinha
Institute of Management Studies, India
Shilpa Bagade Poharkar
Institute of Management Studies Noida, India

January 29, 2018
Session III: 11:20-12:25

Chair: Mei-Ying Huang, Kirti Verma

E. Obreque-Slier, J. Laqui-Estaña, A. Peña-Neira, M. Medel-Marabolí
University of Chile, Chile
Yi-Feng Kao, Huey-Jine Chai, Chin-I Chang, Yi-Chen Chen, June-Ru Chen
Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan
A. Ra Cho, Ye Li Lee, Sang Yeoup Lee
Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Korea, Republic Of
Kirti, Samanta Sekhar Khora
Nirma University, India
Joo-Heon Lee, Seo-Yeon Park, Chanyang Sur, Ho-Won Jang
Joongbu University, Korea, Republic Of
Leyla A. Sandoval Hamón, Fernando Casani
Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

January 29, 2018
Session IV: 12:25-13:45
Lunch: 13:45

Chair: Jerzy Banski, Tomaž Hozjan

Mohammad Idrees Yusofzai, Hirobata Yasuhiro, Matsuo Kojiro
Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
Robert Pečenko, Karin Tomažič, Igor Planinc, Sabina Huč, Tomaž Hozjan
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sabina Huč, Staffan Svensson, Tomaž Hozjan
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Oh Hyeon Jeon, WooYoung Jung
Gangneung University, Korea, Republic Of

January 30, 2018
Session V: 07:45-09:15

Group photo will be taken during coffee break in the conference room.

Chair: Priyanka Gupta, Rajkishore Nayak

Priyanka Gupta, Nilanjana Bairagi, Deepti Gupta
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), India
R. Nayak, T. Panwar, R. Padhye
RMIT University, Viet Nam
Ananya Mitra Pramanik, Anjali Agrawal
National Institute of Fashion Technology, India
Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain, Patsy Perry, Lee Quinn
University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Ashima Tiwari, Lavina N. Bhaskar
National Institute of Fashion Technology, India
Lavina N. Bhaskar, Ashima Tiwari
National Institute of Fashion Technology, India
Girija Jha
National Institute of Fashion Technology, India

January 30, 2018
Session VI: 09:15-10:05
Coffee Break: 10:05-10:15

Chair: Bin Liu

Bin Liu
Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, China
Eun Kyung Kim, Kyehan Rhee
Myongji University, Korea, Republic Of
Gabriel S. De Oliveira, Patricia P. Adriani, Christophe Moriseau, Bruce D. Hammock, Felipe S. Chambergo
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Patricia P. Adriani, Gabriel S. De Oliveira, Felipe S. Chambergo
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jean Pierre Kabue, Emma Meader, Afsatou Ndama Traore, Paul R. Hunter, Natasha Potgieter
University of Venda, South Africa
Renato André S. Silva, Nana L. F. Sampaio, Carlos J. G. Cruz, Bruno Vianna, Flávio O. Pires
Unieuro, Brazil

January 30, 2018
Session VII: 10:15-11:45

Chair: Sakura Ganegama Bogodage, Govind Sharan Gupta

Kang-Mo Jung
Kunsan National University, Korea, Republic Of
R. I. Khrapko
Moscow Aviation Institute, Russian Federation
Hamed Homaei, Iraj Mahdavi, Ali Tajdin
Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Hadi Gholizadeh, Ali Tajdin
Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Sakura Ganegama Bogodage, Andrew Yee Tat Leung
University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka
Vinci Mojamdar, Govind S. Gupta
Indian Institute of Science, India

January 30, 2018
Session VIII: 11:45-12:45
Lunch: 12:45

Chair: Chinlun Lai

Panupong Chanplin, Wilailuk Mepracha, Sathapath Kilaso
Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand
Sung Hyun You, Hyun Ho Kang, Choon Ki Ahn
Korea University, Korea, Republic Of
Chinlun Lai, Lunjyh Jiang
Oriental Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Ching-Sung Wang, Teng-Wei Wang, Zhen-Ting Zheng
Oriental Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Pratthana Ammaraphitak, Piyachon Ketsuwan, Rattapoom Prommana
University of Phayao, Thailand
N. Laosiripojana, P. Tepamatr
Thammasat University, Thailand
PROGRAM LAST UPDATED: November, 15 2019 11:12


We kindly ask ORAL presenters to prepare electronic presentations of 15 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) and e-POSTER presenters to prepare short electronic presentations of 5 minutes (allowing 5 minutes for discussions) (NO PRINT OUTS). A Linux-based operating system is used for both Oral and e-Poster presentations. All presenters should make a PDF file version of their presentation and upload it to the system.
If you have special audio/media files in your presentation file, to avoid any problems, we advise you to bring your own computer.


Laptop Computer, Projector, USB Flash Drive (No CD Drive), MS. PowerPoint/AcrobatReader


As many delegates insert their USB devices into the laptop computer provided for the presentations, we cannot avoid Cyber/Computer viruses. You are kindly advised to bring a USB Flash Drive containing ONLY your .ppt, .ptx or .pdf presentation file or risk other files being corrupted or made permanently inaccessible.


The duties of the Session Chair include the following:

1. Arrive at the conference hall at least 10 minutes before the session begins. Identify the paper presenters and discussant(s) in advance, and introduce yourself. Remind each presenter of the time limits that apply, and describe the method you will use to alert them of time limits during the actual presentation.
2. At the start of the session, introduce yourself to the audience, announce the session/title, and offer a brief overview indicating how the papers are related.
3. Prior to each presentation, introduce the speaker, announce the paper’s title, the name(s) of the author(s), and provide brief comments regarding the affiliation and/or background of each presenter. Identify the individual who will be speaking if it is someone other than the first author.
4. During the presentations enforce time limits strictly so that no author (or audience member) monopolizes someone else’s time. Oral paper presentations each have 20 minutes (15 minutes for full presentation papers, 5 minutes for discussions), and 10 minutes for e-Poster (electronic poster) presentations (5 minutes for poster presentation, 5 minutes for discussions).
5. Once presentations are complete (oral paper presentations and e-Poster presentations), the remaining time can be used for informal discussion between the audience and session participants. It is your job to field questions from the audience.
6. Try to conduct the session as informally as possible (e.g., use first names when addressing participants and members of the audience) to encourage as much audience participation as possible.


A 'Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award' will be conferred on the author(s) of an abstract or a full paper presented at the conference. Selection is made based on the best combined marks of the abstract / paper review and presentation quality appraisal conducted by the Session Chair at the conference venue, and assessed by the Program Committee. Award winners will be announced after the conference. The author(s) of a selected paper/presentation will receive a signed and stamped official Best Paper Award / Best Presentation Award e-certificate.