Open Science Research Excellence

ICMS 2020 : International Conference on Magnetism and Superconductivity

Singapore, SG
May 4 - 5, 2020

Call for Papers

ICMS 2020 : International Conference on Magnetism and Superconductivity is the premier interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Magnetism and Superconductivity. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
  • Magnetism
  • Magnetic fields and magnetic force
  • Magnetism and magnetic materials
  • Magnetostatics
  • Magnetism of electrons
  • Ferromagnetism and exchange
  • Antiferromagnetism
  • Nanoscale magnetism
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Applications of soft and hard magnets
  • Spin electronics and magnetic recording
  • Magnetic liquids
  • Magnetoelectrochemistry
  • Magnetic levitation
  • Magnetism in biology and medicine
  • Planetary and cosmic magnetism
  • Magnetic recording
  • Recording media
  • Patterned media
  • Recording heads and materials
  • Recording physics, modeling, theory and testing
  • Head-disk interface and tribology
  • Recording systems, coding, servo, actuators and channels
  • Energy assisted recording
  • Magneto-optic, hybrid and novel recording
  • Magnetic circuits
  • Magnetic circuits and transformers
  • Concept and importance of magnetic circuits
  • Magnetic field and magnetic circuit
  • Magnetic flux and magnetic lines of force
  • Simulation of magnetic circuits
  • Electromagnetic applications to nanotechnology
  • Electromagnetic education
  • Electromagnetic measurements
  • Electromagnetic modeling of devices and circuits
  • Electromagnetic packaging
  • Electromagnetic properties of materials
  • Advances in process techniques: metallurgical routes, especially the use of thin strip casting
  • Progresses in electrical steel grades and other soft magnetic materials as well as hard magnetic materials
  • Thin electrical steel grades
  • Non oriented Electrical steels with improved magnetization behavior
  • Tendencies at the fabrication of grain oriented electrical steels