Open Science Research Excellence

ICTSI 2021 : International Conference on Terrorism Studies and Intelligence

Lisbon, Portugal
February 8 - 9, 2021

Call for Papers

ICTSI 2021 : International Conference on Terrorism Studies and Intelligence is the premier interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Terrorism Studies and Intelligence. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
  • Terrorism studies
  • National security and terrorism
  • Homeland security
  • Historical and contemporary perspectives on terrorism
  • Domestic and international terrorist motivations
  • Modern terrorist organizational structures
  • Case studies of actual events
  • National security policies and strategies
  • Developing creative antiterrorism strategies
  • Role of intelligence in supporting the security
  • Importance of intelligence in combating terrorism
  • Transnational crime
  • Terrorist attacks and violent crime events
  • Organized crime
  • Counterterrorism strategies
  • Constitutional and legal issues in counterterrorism
  • Violence and religion
  • Current and future threats of terrorism
  • Governmental and non-governmental strategies
  • Policy-makers, academic institutions, and business
  • Media and civic organizations