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ICSASAC 2021 : International Conference on Small Animal Surgery and Animal Care

Prague, Czechia
September 6 - 7, 2021

Call for Papers

ICSASAC 2021 : International Conference on Small Animal Surgery and Animal Care is the premier interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Small Animal Surgery and Animal Care. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
  • Surgical Principles
  • Principles of Surgical Asepsis
  • Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Surgical Facilities, Equipment, and Personnel and Care and Maintenance of the Surgical Environment
  • Preoperative and Intraoperative Care of the Surgical Patient
  • Preparation of the Operative Site
  • Preparation of the Surgical Team
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Biomaterials, Suturing, and Suture Patterns
  • Surgical Infections and Antibiotic Selection
  • Nutritional Management of the Surgical Patient
  • Fundamentals of Physical Rehabilitation
  • Perioperative Multimodal Analgesic Therapy
  • Principles of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy
  • Advanced Imaging for Surgeons
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Surgery of the Integumentary System
  • Surgery of the Eye
  • Surgery of the Ear
  • Surgery of the Abdominal Cavity
  • Surgery of the Digestive System
  • Surgery of the Liver
  • Surgery of the Extrahepatic Biliary System
  • Surgery of the Endocrine System
  • Surgery of the Hemolymphatic System
  • Surgery of the Kidney and Ureter
  • Surgery of the Bladder and Urethra
  • Surgery of the Reproductive and Genital Systems
  • Surgery of the Cardiovascular System
  • Surgery of the Upper Respiratory System
  • Surgery of the Lower Respiratory System: Lungs and Thoracic Wall
  • Surgery of the Lower Respiratory System: Pleural Cavity and Diaphragm
  • Orthopedics
  • Fundamentals of Orthopedic Surgery and Fracture Management
  • Management of Specific Fractures
  • Diseases of the Joints
  • Management of Muscle and Tendon Injury or Disease
  • Other Diseases of Bones and Joints
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurodiagnostic Overview for the Small Animal Surgeon
  • Neurologic Examination and Relevant Neuroanatomy
  • Surgery of the Brain
  • Surgery of the Cervical Spine
  • Surgery of the Thoracolumbar Spine
  • Surgery of the Cauda Equina
  • Nonsurgical Disorders of the Brain and Spine
  • Peripheral Nervous System Disorders