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ICRAIS 2022 : International Conference on Recent Advances in Industrial Simulation

Vienna, Austria
June 21 - 22, 2022

Call for Papers

ICRAIS 2022 : International Conference on Recent Advances in Industrial Simulation is the premier interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Recent Advances in Industrial Simulation. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
  • Industrial simulation
  • Simulation methodology
  • Simulation analysis
  • Discrete simulation languages and tools
  • Ambient intelligence and simulation
  • Simulation in manufacturing
  • Steel manufacturing and new materials manufacturing
  • Simulation in automotive systems
  • Simulation in robotics
  • Simulation in electronics, computers and telecommunications
  • Simulation in electronics manufacturing
  • Simulation in computer science
  • Simulation in logistics, traffic, transport, harbors, hospitals
  • Apparel and textile simulation
  • Urban simulation
  • Complex systems modelling
  • Simulation in aerospace
  • Marine simulation
  • Simulation in industrial and product design
  • Simulation in engineering processes
  • Model driven engineering
  • Simulation in civil and building engineering
  • Simulation in energy and power systems
  • Simulation in multibody systems
  • Simulation in chemical, petroleum and mining engineering
  • Simulation in military and defense
  • Verification, validation and accreditation
  • VR and graphical simulation in industry
  • Simulation of complex multiprocessor systems
  • Simulation and training
  • The future of simulation roundtable
  • Simulation-based evaluation of interactive systems
  • Workshop on intelligent transport systems
  • Workshop on simulation in nanotechnology
  • Augmented reality and pervasive systems in factories
  • Lean manufacturing simulation
  • Simulation optimization in industry